Tuesday, December 28, 2010

While the cookies were cooling

We needed to have something to distract us from the wonderful aroma while the cookies were cooling, so they wouldn't be all eaten from the metal rack. So, we worked on 2 puzzles & here is the result of one. Can you tell what the scene depicts? (Don't worry, --dad's feet in the fireplace were fine, since the logs weren't burning :)


  1. Oh! I love the photos! Hi there! Yummy cookies made perfectly, of course, just like my mom used to do. The puzzle is beautiful. Looks like the bridge of one of those battles.

  2. Hi everyone. Those cookies are gorgeous! After enjoying the puzzle at your house, Chuck and Joanne, I went out and bought myself one. It's 750 pieces, so will probably take me all winter! It's fun and relaxing.